Cathedral of Addolorata

Cathedral of  Addolorata

Only 500 metres far from the Resort you will be able to visit the Sanctuary of 'Addolorata' in Castelpetroso. Its history dates back in 22nd March 1888, when two peasant ladies 'Fabiana and Serafina' were surprised by the vision of Our Lady of Surrows at the foot of the Cross. As if for further proof was needed, a spring suddenly appeared in the ground, near the cave, where the miraculous vision took place. In the 'apparition' area a bronze sculpture made by Urbano Buratti and representing Our Lady of Surrows is located. You can reach this sculpture through the "Via Matris" path, walking along the mountain. The path is divided  into seven stages. The Shrine is nowadays an important destination for many oservants, as well as for all the tourists coming over in Molise.

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